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the music of the fuze 1983 is full of THE! birds feat. elvis press-play

01 pleasure
02 "stoerfucktor robin hood" - robert von kapuze
03 aposiopese
04 refrain abc (early version)
05 the great moonwalk swindle
06 "sauerstoff" - intro
07 verloren remix (original by modus noa)
08 bertil gustavson
09 frühling
10 zweistepp (early demo)
11 the very last dance
12 sparks
13 the guitar of ralf bartho
14 vocal studies
15 the history of new bar lounging jazz
16 the entertainer
17 "sauerstoff" - untitled track
18 there is no way to hide (performed live by THE!)
19 tv channel 17 remix (original by mc ina)
20 "8 frauen" - untitled track
21 untitled
22 radio edit (matters)
23 hype mashine
24 discoinferno remix (original by phonotrash)

all music by tommy neuwirth in several disguises

02/06/17/20 music for theatre-plays

tommy is HERE [the1983] and HERE [the!] and HERE [new earth objects]

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  1. me manson sagt:
    Damned! I do Love this session. Cant eve say how often I heard it. Thanx alot! keep on playin!
  2. Fun relaxing game sagt:
    Cheers, keep doing awesome!

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