11.08.08, 09:43:24 von staubgold
radio corax 95.9 & proudly present:

ofir klemperer

01 indian alcohol
02 tsilut - clearness
03 uig - IUG :)
04 innocent youth
05 barzelim bamaym - metals in water
06 ani rotse shetargish et ze - i want you to feeeeell it
07 unwanted love
08 out of the way slizz!
09 eize lahit - what a hit
10 poison is not me
11 osim bayad -jerking off
12 meaningless morning
13 donag dror over dror - freedomwax passes generation.

all music by ofir klemperer

ofir is HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE [gamila] and HERE [no habla catalan]

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